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Representing in Israel:
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Taxes, Investing, Incapacity
JERUSALEM Isr.Ctr. March 15 17 19 07:00pm
JERUSALEM Isr.Ctr. March 15 17 19 07:00pm

Sub-Advisor of Capital Markets IQ
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The Financial Resource Network - Israel (FIRN) is an exclusive group of financial service professionals working together, meeting the unique needs of multi-national citizens (and businesses) living and working in Israel. Our advisors have been serving individuals, families and businesses in Israel for over 20 years. FIRN uses a holistic financial planning approach to address our clients' total financial needs, including: setting financial goals, tax planning, investment and wealth management, retirement and estate planning, and charitable giving. Budgeting often is a significant part of the package. FIRN's particular expertise is in harmonizing finances that are located in several countries and tax jurisdictions.

FIRN works differently from virtually all other financial service providers, particularly in Israel.

An integral part of the financial planning process are regular client meetings. During these meetings the client's overall financial profile and current investment strategy are reviewed. Life changes that may impact the client financially are carefully assessed. Financial services are uniquely tailored to the different stages in each individual's life as well as to the multiple countries in which each client has a presence. At FiRN we know that financial success depends on the in-depih understanding of our clients' entire financial lives, objectives, risk levels, and needs.

We work for our clients, not for banks, lawyers, investment firms or others who use financial or estate planning as a marketing means to lure you to their core businesses. Being independent allows FIRN-ISRAEL to find the most appropriate solutions and negotiate favourable fees for our clients.

Our mission is to empower our clients to gain greater control over their financial lives, reduce stress, and increase peace of mind. We view each client relationship as a partnership - one that we hope will last a  lifetime..

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